Masterseminar Wirtschaftsinformatik „Digitalisierung in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft“

AI Adoption: Acceptance and Fairness of innovative Technologies in HR

The increasing demand for information technologies (IT) within the field of human resource management (HRM) changes the way organizations handle human resource (HR). Organizations have early recognized that HRM benefits from the use of new IT as it increases labor productivity and shifts the organizational role of HRM to a strategic one. In this regard, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly addressed and automated recruiting of candidates gains in importance as it offers various advantages from the organization’s perspective, e.g. increased speed of application handling. However, application of AI in recruiting has also its dark sides. One of the most recent negative example is Amazon’s recruiting engine that privileged man over woman. Headlines like “Amazon scraps ’sexist AI‘ recruitment tool” dominated the news for a while, stain the company’s reputation and make job seekers aware of the consequences of AI-based recruiting methods.

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The aim of this seminar is to discuss chances and challenges of AI in human resource. For this purpose, we will conduct an online survey and apply quantitative methods in order to answer relevant research questions.

In addition, students will participate in an Agile Kitchen Workshop to learn more about the method Scrum. In a concrete cooking project, we will introduce agile methods and principles and explain how Scrum actually works. Please note that the workshop fee is 30€. The participation is mandatory.

+++ Update: Agile Kitchen might be cancelled due to COVID-19. +++


The seminar is organized as a block seminar. Please note that attendance is mandatory. In case of absence, you will be excluded from the whole seminar and your admission to this seminar expires.

The seminar language is English. This means that the seminar papers must be written in English and the seminar lectures are given in English.

The evaluation of the module performance is composed as follows:

  • 67 percent on the written output
  • 33 percent on oral performance (lecture, oral participation in discussions and moderation)

In order to pass the seminar, both partial performances must be passed.

Important dates:

Please note: Due to the actual situation we will offer an online format of the master seminar. Further information will be published in the StudOn course.

  • Application period: 01.04.2020 (11am) until  19.04.2020 via StudOn
  • Kick-off event: 23.04.2020 , 16:45-20:00, online meeting
  • Interim presentation: 26.05.2020, 16:45-20:00, online meeting
  • Presentation: 10.07.2020, 15:00-20:00, online meeting
  • Paper submission 19.07.2020, StudOn
  • Agile kitchen: tbd. – Please note that Agile Kitchen might be cancelled due to COVID-19